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Saturday Follow-up

Following the trades of Jeff Weaver and Eddie Guardado (two saves and counting!), the Devil Rays dealt another valuable fantasy player, Aubrey Huff, to the Astros, and he proceeded to hit a homerun in his first game.

At $28 FAAB in my NL-only league ($50 FAAB per team), he "proved" his worth. The MSM has been incorrect.  There have been big names traded.

I wonder what Luis Matos will fetch in my NL-only?

After wondering whether Kensing pitching in the 6th, then constructing a mosaic with that fact and the MySpace report in last Sunday Daily news, I conjectured that the purported partying ways of LG rubbed his manager the wrong way.

That HR by Aubrey Huff?  Given up by Randy Messenger.  Last night, Kensing pitched a scoreless 8th ahead of Joe Borowski's save.

Believe it or not, the All-Star Game is still scheduled to be played next year, and the Future's one hasn't been cancelled.  The MSM is not yet up to speed on the excitement of the game.  (Surely, fantasy baseball has made it thus!  The excitement of the game, that is, not the MSM.)

Mike Pelfrey will remain in the Mets rotation.  I like him and hope his first game jitters prove to just those.

I didn't go out on any limbs, so self-congratulatory remarks are not called for.

However, Matt Kemp was sent down when the Dodgers activated Ricky Ledee.  I guess no HRs, no BBs, and enough Ks for a David Duke political rally would do that.