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Bobby Abreu to New York

This morning's New York Post has an article by Joel Sherman reporting the Yanks and Mets have their hats in the ring for Philadelphia's Bobby Abreu.

This is not surprising as Mets GM Omar Minaya is seemingly involved in trade rumors surrounding every good player, and the Yankees are in need of a quality outfielder following the wrist injuries to Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield. Everyone knows Bernie Williams/Johnny Damon/Melky Cabrera/Aaron Guiel is not a play-off outfield.

I would be very surprised to see Abreu go to the Mets for the very reason that the Phillies would see him 18 times a year, and no team wants to be haunted by a .400+ OBP 20 HR/20SB player for more than 10% of the schedule.  Nevermind, the Mets having to watch whichever players needed to acquire Abreu develop and get paid Abreu's tithing money.

The Yanks, on the other hand, are a perfect match.  They are in a different league so the Phils would only deal with the haunting during inter-league games (and if there is a God, then those will be abolished!).  

The Yankees also have Sheffields $13MM coming off the books, and Abreu makes basically the same.  (To the Yankees, a $2 MM difference is non-consequential.)

Those are two macro concerns.  The players involved in a trade can realistically be addressed with those accounted for.

Of course, the Phils will ask for Phillip Hughes and the Yankees will say, "No."  Fine.  The Yanks are on the decline and shouldn't give-up Hughes.  Not making the play-offs and seeing Hughes become a stud $300,000 pitcher until the turn into the next decade would stink.  (See Doug Drabek.)

The Phils need starting pitching.  Would they take Pavano along with Melky Cabrera and Matt Smith?  Pavano only has $21 million remaining compared to Abreu's $30 or so.  At least, the Phils would have something to show for picking-up some of Abreu's contract.

Matt Smith was an effective Joe Torre non-favorite in the couple weeks he was up.  I have little doubt he would continue to do so in the weaker NL.

Melky Cabrera would become superfluous with an Abreu acquistion.  Hideki and Damon are signed through 2009, and, if the Yankers had to pick-up the option year on Abreu's deal, then he'd be locked-up through the same time period.

Never mind, he is a good young player.  Good plate discipline plus good contact in a 21-year-old makes for future star potential!

You read it here first - Bobby Abreu for Carl pavano, Matt Smith and Melky Cabrera!