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Purpura's Kids

Catching a couple minutes of Charlie Steiner's XM Radio program, The Beat, from my office to the train, he was talking to someone, probably a Houston sports writer, about the Aubrey huff trade.

The beat writer, for lack of a more specific/accurate title, stated Astros GM Tim Purpura's former role with the organization as an influences on what he does.

He used to be the farm director.  I immediately interpretted this that he took advantage of asymmetrical info when he dealt Talbot and Zobrisky.

But the beat writer went on to state that SP Jason Hirsch and OF Hunter Pence were like his kids and would not be dealt.

I wonder if this "familial" tie to certain prospects gives other teams an advantage as they can ask for Hirsch or Pence fully expecting Purpura to rebuff them.  At which time, the other teams asks for the player(s) they really like.

Purpura's relief at keeping his "kids" safe provides the extra consideration the Astros need to finalize the deal.