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Starting Pitchers

Coming out of the break, some fantasy teams may have concluded that the Wins column offers the smallest spreads between the bottom third and top third of the pack.

Consequently, the most rapid gains in ground can occur there, of which I agree.

I caution though that any trades for a good starting pitcher with the idea of getting 7+ Wins is more likely to disappoint.

With only 70 games left in the year, starters only have 14 starts left, and the vast, vast majority of pitchers do not win 50% of their starts.

Curt Schilling and his ilk are likely to get 7 Ws over the remiander of the season, but pitchers at the next level likely will not.

Of course, there will be ones who do.  Knowing who they will be ahead of time is the issue, and I do not believe anyone can predict that with a high degree of certainty.

So trading for a top notch starter is wise, but grabbing middle level ones with the hopes of making up Wins may cause more harm than you hope it will cure.