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Adam Jones

Update [2006-7-13 19:19:7 by Eric Hinz]: The M's have confirmed Aj will be recalled prior to Friday's game.


Accoriding to a link within Lookout Landing, the Mariners have decided to call-up Adam Jones to play centerfield.

Yes that Adam Jones, the one converted from SS less than one year ago, and the one who cannot legally consume alcohol in the Untied States until the after the trading deadline.

I wish I had focused on how horrible Shin Choo had been playing.  Maybe I would have seen this coming.  Instead I only focused on Willie Bloomquist, a member of my AL-only team who seemingly only received ABs when not on my squad.

I love Jones' combination of speed, power and age (14 HR & 13 SB in 15 attempts).  So much so that I took him 8th in my AL-only minor league draft, but I did not think the M's would recall him until next season.

Frankly, 25 BBs in 328 ABs does not shake me from that belief.