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Huff Fallout

In news I first read at DRays Bay, the Devil Rays will be moving uber-prospect BJ Upton to 3b with every intention of recalling him to fill the now-vacated 3B job.

Fantasy teams in need of speed should immediately take him from the free agent pool.  37 SBs in AAA along with 54 walks in 327 ABs will lead to opportunities to swipe bases.

What is cautionary though is 6 HRs and a .260ish AVG.  That low AAA AVG and power worries me that major league pitchers will quickly find the holes in his swing.  I can see two likely scenarios.

The worser of the two is a Joey Gaithright-esque performance - low .200s AVG with SBs.

The better would be a Mike Cameron-lite one with A .240-.250 AVG and 5 or so HRs with 15+ SBs.

I do reserve the right to a third less likely scenario - Upton breaks out as a major leaguer as he sloughs off years of frustration and lesser competition and thrives on the challenge of competing against the best.