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Aubrey Huff Trade

The Astros have wisely decided to move quickly rather than lose three weeks worth of help by dealing two AA prospects to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for 1B/OF/3B free-agent-to-be Aubrey Huff.

For 2006, this is a great trade for the Astros.  Huff has heated up and neither of the prospects dealt to TB will see any major league action this year.

For 2007 and beyond, I'm sure the Astros hope it doesn't turn out like the Randy Johnson trade were RJ fled after the season (not a problem) and the two of the three prospects sent to Seattle tunred into All-Star level players (SP Freddy Garcia and SS Carlos Guillen) and the third turned into a journeyman major leaguer, John Halama (the problem).

Unfortunately for those awaiting the freeing of Jason Lane from playing time Purgatory, he was sent to AAA whilst the guardian angel protecting Orlando Palmeiro continues to earn his wings.