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Saturday Follow-up

Last week, I began a series of regular end-of-the weekend postings about some weekend goings-on that had my interest.  I'm expanding that to a following-Saturday follow-up to see how prescient I was.

First, I noted Jonathan Broxton had graduated to the 8th inning role.  In last night's 6-1 victory over the Angels, he "protected" the lead in the 9th inning.  Another promotion?

Next, I noted Chuck James' first 2006 start for the Braves.  He pitched last night versus the Orioles and gathered his 2nd win and struck out eight.  Despite his very diminutive size - Marcus Giles looks Hulk-esque in comparison, he should be picked-up in all formats.

Also noted, was Braves closer version 3.0, Jorge Sosa.  He did blow a save this week but was brought right back last night to close out James' 2nd win.

Fourth, I noted Jose Valverde .  He blew-up again this week and something should be considered wrong enough that he won't be closing any time soon.  In keeper leagues, out-of-it teams should grab him as a low-cost flyer.

Jon Papelbon has done nothing to change any opinions about his role as closer.  Craig Hansen owners cling desparately to the hope the Red Sox make him a starter in the off-season.

Russ Martin had his status as the Dodgers catcher of the present and futre cemented with the trade of Dioner Navarro to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Victor Martinez is still catching 5+ times per week so the transtion to first did not begin in earnest last weekend as I suggested.  However, Shoppach overs a lot more production in AL-only leagues versus the field of other back-up catchers.  Kelly Stinnett, Mark Redmond, Josh Paul anyone?

Finally, I noted San Francisco closer Armanado Benitez's sore elbow and advised grabbing Jeremy Accardo.  Jeremy spoke and saved two of three games this week.

Not too shabby so far.