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Craig Wilson

Within this notebook, it is reported that the Cardinals have contacted the Pirates about the availabilty of Craig Wilson.

Wilson-to-the-Cards makes sense.  The Cardinals have a couple of young pitchers still in possession of their prospect-glow in Brad Thompson and Adam Wainwright, whose 2006 performances give them the appearance of being very good.  At the very least, both have proven to be capable major league relievers

I doubt either maintaans there good numbers (Wainwright: 30 IP/27K/4BB and Thompson 28.1 IP/2.86 ERA), but, for a free-agent to be and one who is apparently unliked in Pittsburgh, I think it is a good deal for both clubs.

How do I conclude Wilson is unliked?  Talks in Pittsburgh about a contract extension for a 31-year-old power-deficient 1B coming off a broken back!