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Andy Pettitte

Any Pettitte pitches this afternoon.  His season has been very, very, very bad.  Sprinkled amongst the ratio-killing starts were a couple of good April starts and the shutout last month.  The remainder have been the "quality starts" - 6 IP/3 ER with regard for WHIP - or flat-out awful.

On the season, that type of performance results in a 6.03 ERA and 1.65 WHIP.

Pettitte is an established All-Star caliber pitcher and this type of performance screams, "Buy Low!"

I am not so sure, though.  Something about the inability to string together solid starts has me concerned.  Following the two good April starts, the perception was he was rounding into 2005 form.  He then threw a stomach-turning ratio killer - 6 ER in 5 IP with 13 runners.  Then a "quality start" and then another ratio killer - 6 ER in 5 IP with 10 runners.

No doubt his owners began to seriously considering cutting bait while the vultures in the league began to circle.

The came the shutout, and those who held on to Pettitte felt wise for their patience, and those vultures thought, "Damn!"

And that bought Pettitte some time on the rosters that kept him and those that traded for him.

Then the wheels came off again.  3 of his next four starts were of the ratio-killing variety - 5 ER/17 runners, 7ER/8 runners in 3 IP, 7ER/13 runners.  The other start was a "quality start".

With that type of production, I can no longer believe the cries of "Buy low!" should apply.  

If a team can get value for Pettitte, do it.  If a team needs to take a ton of risk to get back into the money, then take the risk.

Everyone else should avoid Pettitte like the plague.

His consistently horrendous outings are too much.