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Melky Cabrera

I no longer have any doubt that Melky Cabrera is a legitimate major leaguer.

In 88 ABS, he has walked 12 times while only strking out seven times.  With a back-of-the-envelope calculation, that translates into nearly 100 walks and fewer than 50 strikeouts.

That type of plate discipline equals a future star.

But where will he play in 2007?  With Jason Giambi/1B TBD filling the DH/1B jobs, Arod and Jeter locking down all the ABs at 3B & SS, Robinson Cano doing the same at 2B, C Jorge Posada's 2007 option likely to vest and Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon signed to four-year $52 MM contracts this past off-season, the only spot open is rightfield.

Is it realistic to expect tha Yankees to fill Gary Sheffield's spot with Melky Cabrera?

I find it hard to envision.  If the Yankees brass has to same inability to imagine such a scenario, then do not be surprised to see Cabrera dealt.

With those sabremetrics behind him, the Yankees shouldn't have to settle for Ken Phelps.