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LA Dodgers

Or should I have said, "the source of three 2007 closers"?

Eric Gagne is a free agent following this season, as is Danys Baez.

There is little doubt Gagne will sign as a closer.  

Danys Baez has stated he will do the same.

Jonathan Broxton will be the Dodger's nominal closer the moment the season ends.

Grabbing any of the three as bail season opens would be a very wise move.

To insure you will win that type of trade, be sure to deal the players that can not be protected in 2007.

By doing this, no matter how poorly the trade goes in 2006, you will win it the moment the season ends. You will have the keeper for 2007, and the other team will no longer have a player to protect as that player goes right back into the draft pool.