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Rockies Pitchers

I admit to a virulent animus towards any Colorado Rockies starting pitcher.

No matter what the player's previous performance, I always expect the 2/3-of-an-inning-7-earned- runs appearance to be right around the corner.

(Or even worse.  What Juan Cruz did to me two weeks ago - 2/3 IP  9 ER 8 runners.  Yeah!  HBP don't count towards WHIP!)

What would mitigate my prejudice would be the ability to move pitchers in and out of the line-up.

I still would stay away because I wouldn't want to further expose my team to risk by forgetting to make that move.

Or on a more principled basis, I don't believe timing the pitching market can be successfully done over a full season.

For proof see the aforementioned Juan Cruz's next three starts following his 2/3 debacle - 2-0 in 19 IP 2 ER 17 runners.

I had put in a waiver claim for Ken Ray the night before that three start run!