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Lastings Milledge

The New York Mets are going to send late spring/early summer phenom Lastings Milledge back to AAA when Cliff Floyd is activated later today.

Milledge made quite an impression of the Mets fans and New York media with his high-fiving the fans after hitting his first HR.  Overall, he finished .233/.287/.419 with 3 HR, 12 RBI, a SB and 4 BB vs 23 Ks.

As much excitement as he generated, he is no Melky Cabrera who in his 161 ABs has walked 21 times and only struck out 15.  He's also picked up his XBH as he's homered twice in the past two weeks after doing so zero times in the first six.

On another positive note, his AVG bottomed out at eight or nine days ago .243 and has since rebounded to .255.  This is a signal that he adjusted after the league adjusted to him - a very good sign.

Unfortunately for the Mets and their fans, Milledge was sent down without the opportunity to demonstrate whether or not he could also make the adjustment as Melky did.

Melky's walk and strikeout rates still indicate a quality major league player.  Any hitter who strikeouts fewer than 60 times and walks more than 80 is going to be very good.

As a Rotisserie participant, Milledge's minor league combo of power and speed is very alluring, but as a regular baseball fan, I cannot overlook the proven abilities of Melky Cabrera.