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Mark Hendrickson

Buster Olney's ESPN Insider blog takes a look at the recent Tampa Bay/LA trade where SP Mark Hendrickson and C Toby Hall went to the Left Coast while P Jae Seo and C Dioner Navarro went to the East one.

From my perspective, the Dodgers did well.  The market price for reliable starting pitchers (def: reliable = takes his turn every 5th day.) appeared to be greater than a AAA catcher with nowhere to play and a 10th, 11th or 12th pitcher on the major league roster.

Plus, the Dodgers acquired a veteran catcher who can start in the event of a Russ Martin injury and provide more offense than the Kelly Stinnetts of the Back-up Catcher World.

However, that did not seem to be the consensus view when it occurred.  (See fellow SBNation blogger truebluela)

Now Buster has chimed in with an opinion that supports my own.  he writes:

Maybe the Devil Rays privately believe Hendrickson, as an asset, had reached his maximum value and, in classic Wall Street strategy, decided to move the stock while the price was high. General manager Andrew Friedman and his staff really like Dioner Navarro, and as one of Friedman's brethren said yesterday, "If you lock onto a player and you want him, then you make sure you get the player, and he did."

But I think Hendrickson's value might have been higher, in actuality, and in part because of the AL-NL disparity we are seeing. Hendrickson is a competitive pitcher in the AL, which might translate into something more than that in the NL, once you apply the AL-NL exchange rate. We've seen in the last 18 months that pitchers moving from the NL to the AL are facing greater scrutiny, after the struggles of Javier Vazquez, Carl Pavano and Matt Clement. Now maybe pitchers who compete effectively in the AL should be valued higher as they move to the NL.

Spoke with a half-dozen talent evaluators in the last couple of days about the Hendrickson deal, and their initial response was the same as mine, that Tampa Bay got the short end of the deal. We'll see how it turns out.

How can I disagree?