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Some NBA Draft Observations

First and foremost, what were the Knicks thinking?  When a lottery pick falls into your lap, as UCONN's Marcus Williams did, you take him.

The Knicks are a team that needs as many valuable chips as possible in order to keep all avenues of improvement open.  A player who averaged less than 10 points per game and just over 6 rpg at less than 210 lbs is not a good NBA gamble does not open any avenues.  An inexpensive point guard does especially when bad back Richardson and his $35 MM or pro eater Jerome James and his $30 MM or Rebound-adverse 6'10 center Eddy Curry's $70 MM are involved.

Second, The Nets wanted a big and small going into the draft and the best PG small was available.  Whether their big draftee, UCONN's Josh Boone, pans out is meaningless now that a starting-caliber PG to back-up Jason Kidd has been taken.

Third, expect UCONN's Rudy Gay to be in the running for ROY.  Jerry West's acquisition of Gay for scrapper Shane Battier has the potential to go down as one of the best trades this decade.

Fourth, couldn't ESPN find better factoids for UCONN's Hilton Armstrong than he totaled his mom's car at 16 and that he brought to left-foot sneakers to a game in high school?  Armstrong does not need those revelations to spark a reputation of less-than-bright.  Make him earn it.

Next, the Seattle Sonics picked UCONN's Denham Brown 40th overall.  Five Huskie's drafted and no National Championship?  I'm afraid the UCONN Huskies are the new Syracuse of the `80s!