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Jason Lane

Jason Lane got the start versus lefty Nate Roberston last night.  The guys over at Rotoworld mistakenly blurbed that Mike Lamb was starting in right field over Lane.

I believed them.  After all, Lane has been on the wrong end of playing time screwing for years now.  Anyone recall the first game of interleague play in 2004 where Jimy Williams DH-ed Jeff Bagwell and started Jose Vizcaino at 1B?  

Despite 26 HRs in 2005, Jason Lane has found himself without opportunity to repeat that feat.  With little offensive production (Willy Tavares can't get infield singles when the opposing team plays 60 feet from the plate), Lane should be getting the chance to hit HRs.  

His plate discipline is greatly improved over anything he has shown career-to-date - 40 BBs this season in 205 ABs vs 32 in 515 in 2005, and his HR rate is right on pace to match 2005's in a similar amount of ABs.  (Those figures make him a great buy-low fantasy candidate.)

Why Garner does not play is a question I can't answer given those peripherals.  Is Lane a greenie fiend?  A `roids boy?  I have no idea, but Garner's inexplicable desire to keep Lane's bat out of the line-up baffles me - as did Jimy Williams' did too.