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Miami Dolphins

This week's Sports Illustrated has a feature article on Nick Saban, and the way he has transformed the franchise into his team.

As a Dolphins fan, I read it.  (Since the advent of the internet, SI has dropped off my regular reading list despite a weekly subscription coming into the home.)

As a fantasy sports enthusiast, I thought, "Beware the Dolphins hype!"  I have no doubt if Daunte Culpepper opens the exhibition season on August 12, that an avalanche of hype about him, Cris Carter and Ronnie Brown will follow.

This hype inevitably leads to drafting all the players higher than they should be - Daunte in the 1st. Carter in the 2nd and Brown in the 2nd.

I fear without Daunte at a 100%, the hype surrounding the team will proceed.  Nick Saban is the new genius and I expect the Dolphins to be a trendy play-off/Super Bowl contender.