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Trade Rumors

With the non-waivers trading deadline just over one month away, the sports pages have begun to fill-up with trade conjecture.  This morning's Washington Post, WaPo for the more blogospherically in tune, has a headline, "O's Appear Willing to Trade Tejada."

No doubt, the article will be one of the most read sports...articles of the day.  However, the owners of Miguel Tejeda across the globe just saw the trade value of the power-hitting-ensconsed-in-every-PED-story-SS drop - a lot in AL-only leagues and a bit in mixed leagues.

I've been following faux trade rumors like these for years, so I am very sensitive to words like "appear" in a headline.  Despite that, just the hint a player of Miguel Tejada's caliber would be traded causes me to proceed more cautiously when exploring an opportunity to trade for him because the price to acquire him would cripple my team if, in fact, Tejada was dealt to an unfavorable Rotisserie situation.

That aside, the actual articles seems to be premised upon Tejada being late, having a tendency to appear to be moping and this quote:

"If the return is right -- two to three pieces that could be core [major league] players quickly, I think they would have to consider it," said an executive for one American League team.

Duh, which player wouldn't be traded for two or three core major league players.

This type of article can be dismissed as nothing more "professional" than some blogger on a fantasy sports website guessing who may be traded this summer.