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Hilton Armstrong

The consensus opinion has UCONN PF Hilton Armstrong going in the top 20 of Wednesday night's NBA draft.

This weekend's NY POST mentioned the Nets hoping he would fall to their picks in the low 20s.  Accepting that as fact, then the Knicks would probably take him at 20 and pass on UCONN's Josh Boone at 29.

If being invited to attend the draft by the NBA isn't enough of a signal, Hilton Armstrong's mother is retiring from IBM effective Wednesday.

I hope she's got some savings because  a 3-year $3 million dollar contract does not go as far as it used to in Westchester County, NY.

Update [2006-6-26 13:44:23 by Eric Hinz]: Chad Ford's latest mock draft has Armstrong projected to go 10th to the Sonics. If that occurs, I expect Armstrong to begin the season on the fantasy roster of shallow leagues. Not mine though.

[Update] Mock draft