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UCONN Huskies

Following the end of the NBA Finals, fantasy basketball takes a couple month breather.  

This is welcome as fantasy baseball is going full bore, and fantasy football is fast upon us.

I note three UCONN Huskies have been invited to the attend the NBA draft.  The NBA only does this for player it reasonably expects to be selected in the upper portion of the draft.

(I do not believe the NBA is trying to recreate the "classic" UCONN moment of watching Cliff Robinson sit in the green room until the 36th selection at the 1989 draft.)

The three former Huskies are Rudy Gay, Marcus Williams and Hilton Armstrong.

Gay and Williams will be on fantasy rosters next year.  Hilton Armstrong, on the other hand, I expect to flounder in the sub-5 ppg & rpg with a sweeeeeet SLG of a bpg (.750).

I may be wrong, but I have watched Armstrong for four years and remain unimpressed.  (UCONN alumni and football season-ticket holder.)