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Craig Wilson and the Angels

Yesterday, a Craig Wilson to the Angels rumor was news.

After asking why the Pirates would extend a broken back 31-year-old 1B with minimal power instead of resigning a 1B with 25 HR pop, I gave this rumor serious thought.

After all, Wilson has clearly worn out his welcome in Pittsburgh.  (The answer to why the broken back extension.  Never mind contemplating why a last place club wants to wrap up millions in a 1B.)

At first blush, Wilson seems to be a great addition to the hitting-deprived Angels.  Who wouldn't want to add a 25 HR hitter?

Upon further reflection, the Angels hitting woes are attributable to their aversion to taking walks.  Discounting Mike Napoli's excellent OBP in fewer than 100 ABs, the highest OBP for an Angels regular is Orlando Cabrera's .362.  And that would be a career-high for OC, and his highest since a .347 OBP with the Expos in 2003.

With Vladimir Guerrero at .332, there are no other regulars with OBPs greater than .330.  I do not know the specific cut-off to be considered a detriment to a team on an OBP basis, but I suspect it is very close to that figure.

Craig Wilson's OBP currently sits at a non-worrisome .353.  "Non-worrisome" because it is the level he has basically performed at for 5+ seasons.

What would be worrisome is an adjustment period moving over to the AL.  If he struggles, there is a good chance that struggling with result in fewer walks as his walk rate is typically around 1:10 and more strikeouts as he k's in every third AB.

Not getting on base and not putting the ball in play does not appear to be a recipe for improvement, does it?

That aside, any Rotisserie team would have to break the bank to add a 25 HR hitter.