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Carl Crawford

The possibility of acquiring Tampa Bay's Carl Crawford has gotten sports writers everywhere giddy with the possibility.

The Houston Chronicle's Jose De Jesus Ortiz speculates Jason Hirsch, Troy Patten, Wily Tavaras and Chris Burke:

We'll start by offering Class AAA Round Rock righthander Jason Hirsh, 24, and center fielder Taveras. The Devil Rays won't want Taveras because they're loaded with outfielders.

Good trades have to hurt both sides as Phil Garner likes to say. So, we'll have to hurt Garner by including lefthanded stud prospect Troy Patton.

"Do we have a deal?" I asked Friedman.

He laughed, again.

"Come on? That's a good deal? What else do you want?" I begged.

He laughed some more.

I added Burke to the pot...>

This offer is in the ballpark - two top pitching prospects - a lefty and a righty to boot- and two major leaguers, one of which is a middle infielder.

If I were the Devil Rays though, I'd want a major league pitcher.  Taylor Buchholz and Fernando Nieve qualify.  I'd also demand Chad Qualls.

It would look like this - Jason Hirsch, Taylor Buchholz, Chad Qualls and Chris Burke for Carl Crawford.

Quite a haul but anything less will be unlikely to occur.