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Adam Lind

Adam Lind was a 2004 1st round pick of the Toronto Blue Jays.  (He had previously been drafted in the 8th round by the Minnesota Twins in 2002.)

He had some decent numbers coming out of South Alabama.  What was promising is he kept his batting eye in the transition from college ball to the New York Penn League.  Granted, he was old for that level, but his plate discipline remained constant.

He had a good 2005 in the Florida State League, a league known for its drain on HR figures.  With 12 HR and 42 doubles, one could reasonably expect an improvement in HRs as he moved to the next level.

That is what has occurred so far at AA New Hampshire.  He already has 12 HR in half a season.  However, his walk rates have greatly diminished from 1:10 to 1:20 while striking out 25% of the time.

I examine this because Lind was designated by recent Blue Jays employee, Keith Law, as "the star" of the Jays system.

It is an overcast night north of the border.