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Detroit Lions

With the narrowed eyes of a paranoid schizophrenic, I look over the Lions roster.

Charles Rogers?  You have been out to get me for three years.  What skills?  All you do is get hurt and cause me to waste a mid-round pick as I reach for that sleeper WR who busts out for 1200 yards.

Roy Williams?  Another Top 10 draft choice inheriting the same expectations as Charles Rogers.  800 yds and 8 TDs your rookie season made you a top WR breakout candidate in 2005.  The 8 TDS were below expectations but 687 yards?

Mike Williams?  With only one season of disappointment, I won't make allow you to inherit the mantle of sleeper.  Oh, no.  You're not going to get me!

Kevin Jones?  In a Risperdol moment of clarity, I thought you were on my side.  Your rookie season made you an even sexier sleeper pick, but you turned on me too!  664 yards and 5 TDs?!?!?!

Are you next John Kitna?  You were really good in 2003.  Can you take advantage of these skills players and repeat that season and make yourself a quality fantasy QB as a end-of-the-draft/free agent QB?

Or are you against me, too?

Josh McCown?  Dan Orlovsky?  Is there anyone who isn't out to get me?!?!