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Tampa Bay Bullpen

The Devil Rays sent 6'6 250 lb failed starter Seth MCClung to AAA in order to convert him to a "late inning specialist."

As a believer in Failed-Starter-Turned-Closer, I believe McClung is a great candidate for this.  His size offers an intimidation factor and if he combines that with a couple two tree MPH on the fastball, he will succeed.

In 2005, he gave up fewer hits than innings pitched (106 vs 109.1) and struck out 92.

With no explanation for the dramatic decrease in his strikout rate this season (38 in 80.2 IP), the D'Rays have to assume the league has caught up with him.

It is a wise move and one worth the upside risk.

If he is recalled, I can see a frenzied FAAB scenario for those 10 saves over the final two months.  (Bold-face type indicates my doubts about a successful transition.  That decrease in K-rate is worrisome.)