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Joel Guzman has arrived

In my weekly column over at Roto Times, I discuss the arrival of top SS-turned-LF-turned-3B prospect Joel Guzman in Los Angeles:

After watching Guzman hit .296 with two home runs and seven RBI in spring training, a lot of fantasy owners were eagerly awaiting his arrival, assuming he'd be the first option up from Triple-A Las Vegas after an outfield injury. But when Jayson Werth opened the year sidelined still recovering from wrist surgery, Ricky Ledee went down with a strained groin and Jason Repko sprained his ankle, there was still no sign of Guzman.

What happened? It's not like he was struggling with Las Vegas, as his batting average has been over .300 for much of the year. Nevertheless, the Dodgers consistently passed him over while giving guys like Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp a spot on the big league roster.

Were the Dodgers simply determined to have Guzman spend an entire season at Triple-A? Were they worried that at 21 years old, he might not be ready to face big-league pitching, no matter how well he hit on the farm?

Fortunately for his fantasy owners, that's not the case, as he was recalled to the big show earlier this week. But while most of us were waiting for him to come up to fill in for an injured outfielder, it wasn't until Jeff Kent joined Bill Mueller on the disabled list that he got the call. It's unclear just how much playing time Guzman will get right away, but when he is in the lineup, he's expected to play third base, not the outfield.

Guzman finally gets the call [Roto Times]