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Kansas City Royals

Yesterday, Kansas City GM Drayton Moore told the remaining credentialed reporters that top propsects Alex Gordon and Billy Butler will not skip AAA Omaha.

This struck me as startling.  I agree that AAA benefits top prospects by giving them the chance to play againt a league of 26th men.

Where I found myself startled was contemplating what kind of team the Royals will field on August 1st.

I'd have thought it would look like the one they fielded on Opening Day - aged (not aging) veterans and AAA failures, but the Royals will need to devolve from that if Drayton Moore is to stick with his statements.

Maybe I have presumed the Royals signed these veterans only to trade them for prospects in July.  Maybe Moore is signalling that the Royals are not going to trade-off the aged members of his squad like Matt Stairs, Reggie Sanders, Doug Mintkiewicz, and Mark Grudzalaniek.

If that is the case, then why didn't David Glass just take over the team?  He has proven his incompetence and could pocket even more redistributed wealth, er I mean, revenue sharing dollars in the process.

Given the de-credentialing of two KC reporters last week, I am not surprised no one questioned Moore on this ludicrious statement.