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Florida Closer

No one of minimal intelligence(read: me) expects Joe Borowski to be the Marlins' closer on August 1st.

I'd go so far as to say I do not expect Joe Borowski to be closing period.  My guess is he will be pitching in the 7th or 8th inning for a play-off contender.

As such, he will quickly go from a closer's value to that of a free agent pick-up.

The issue becomes who will close in Florida AB and beyond.  This precludes the Kerry Ligtenbergs of the world from the discussion as the Marlins would act rationally and deal all scrap-heap veterans in the effort to rebuild.

The hip choice was Travis Bowyers.  He had successfully done the job with AAA Rochester in the Twins organization.  Unfortunately, he didn't make the team and has yet to pitch in a minor league game.

The choice after Bowyers was Carlos Martinez, a "20-year-old" spring surprise who jumped from High A to the majors (subsequently determined to be 24). After a TJ scare, he returned to the roster on June 2 and has proceeed to pitch 1 2/3 innings in 12 days.

Certainly not a likely choice to garner saves, and the limited use raises flags that his elbow is still not in the clear.

Logan Kensing was recalled from High AAA and looks to be the favorite as he has saved a game and pitched well so far.

Also recalled was Taylor Tankersley - a lefty who dominated out of the AA Carolina bullpen (11 hits 40 Ks in 28.1 IP).

He has been desingated a "lefty specialist" but his age (23) and ability put the lie to that role.

As he has entered the 8th inning situation with Kensing, I expect his better demonstrated skills to prevail.  (Normally, I'd include Tankersley's draft status (1st) to add an edge, but Lansing was a 2nd round pick and therefore not inordinately disadvantaged by front office efforts to appear smart.)