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Youth Movement Continued

The Dodgers are nearly ready to insert Chad Billingsley into their rotation.

While all rookie starting pitchers carry risks - a mediocre ERA and WHIP 4.50/1.40 keeps them in the major league rotation while hurting your fantasy team ratios, he may be a good risk for those teams in the middle of the pack who need to take on that risk for the possibility of greater rewards.

And he will be a more attractive player entering next season.

Also noted is Joel Guzman as a likely candidate to be sent down when Jeff Kent is activated - unless the Dodgers decide to carry eleven pitchers.  (Remember the days when carrying 11 pitchers was considered to be a decision to short-change your offense?  Now carrying 12 is acceptable?)

Manager Grady Little says this:

"...Guzman would be sent back to play every day. Guzman also would continue to play three positions: third base, left field and first base.
We're concerned about our needs" at the big-league level, Little said. "Our need right now is third base, but who knows what it will be in a week? He's comfortable at all those positions."

The implication being Guzman is not good enough to play third. Then why send him back to spend time at that position?

Guzman should be dealt rather than the Dodgers continuing to send mixed signals, which will inevitably lead to Guzman reacting as anyone who is treated the same way would - in a negative way.

This negative reaction then becomes the reason to not recall him.  Guzman loses and then is treated in a way that perpetuates that negative reaction.

No one wins.  Guzman is blamed for reacting the way he did, and the source of that reaction serves to reinforce it.