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NL East Buy Low Candidates

NYM - Cliff Floyd:  With all the excitement generated by Lastings Milledge combined with Floyd's horrid start and the NY sports radio chatter about trading Floyd.
ATL - Marcus Giles:  The Braves announced Wilson Betemit is going to get more ABs.  At the expense of Edgar Renteria?  Chipper Jones?  I don't think so.  A struggling Marucs Giles?  Um......
WAS - Jose Vidro, Jose Guillen:  Both are going to be in trade rumors.  Guillen has been hurt since the beginning of Spring training and Vidro's knee is reportedly acting-up.  That is a great combination to buy low.   Remember, players have as good a chance of being traded intra-league.  The teams know the players better and do not have to worry about adjusting to a new league.
FLA - Joe Borowski:  The sooner the better as a trade is likely to dry-up any save opportunities.
           Jeremy Hermida:  A disappointing pre-season ROY candidate.
PHI: - Jon Lieber:  The pitcher teams targeting Andy Pettitte should be looking at.  The WHIP is too good for the ERA.