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Logan White


Logan White is the farm director for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he was a guest on XM Radio's Fantasy Focus with John Sickels yesterday.

Most remarkable was the smackdown of Scott Boras.  This disupte (current one?) is over this year's #1 overall pick in the minor league draft, Luke Hochevar.

The Dodgers selected him last year and were unable to sign him. Acrimony was loosed after Hochevar finally agreed to a deal only to renege.

Prior to this season's draft, Scott Boras had been telling everyone how good his firm's ability was to designate star prospects.

Answering a question from John Sickels, Mr. White offered Jeff Austin and Chad Hutchinson as two examples of Boras' ability to....forget when his current responsibilities of his job necessitated that.

Logan White also said he knew of Luke Hochevar, Matt Kemp and Russ Martin way before Boras's "scouting ability" mainfested itself as the Dodgers took Hochevar out of high school as they did with kemp and Martin.

While that was the most interesting part of the interview, Logan White also disclosed that the Dodgers look for character/maturational qualities of their draft choices and that is what made them higher on Kemp, Martin and Chad Billingsley than other clubs.

Overall, it was one of the best interviews I have heard with front office types.