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Cheap saves alert: Mariners demote Eddie Guardado in favor of committee

Eddie Guardado was lifted from the closer role in Seattle, and Mike Hargrove opted to do a disservice to fantasy owners everywhere by going with the dreaded "closer by committee." From the Seattle Times:

"We have options," Hargrove said. "It may be [J.J.] Putz one night, and Sean Green the next, and [Rafael] Soriano the next, and Jake Woods and George Sherrill. It could be a combination of any of them."

The manager acknowledged, however, that the change could disrupt the bullpen.

"It takes everyone out of their roles they're comfortable with," he said. "That's why one closer is such an important part of your bullpen, because it really allows you to pitch guys in roles. People perform better when they know what their role is."

Ugh. Well, Putz and Soriano are likely gone in most AL-only leagues, and they deserve to be picked up in most deep mixed leagues, as well. I'm less sold on Sherrill, a southpaw who'll likely only see situational save opportunities. As for Wood, well, his numbers have been downright ugly the past two years, and I don't think the chance he sees a stray save or two makes it worth considering him.

Of course, I still think Guardado is going to lead this team in saves -- there's no real reason to think he can't bounce back considering he's reportedly healthy and his strikeout rate is high. Right now, he's just a bit too wild and simply too hittable. I'm guessing once he straightens out his mechanics and quits throwing meatballs everything will be fine. But you never know, and you have a chance to grab Putz or Soriano (or both), do it.

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