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Felipe Lopez steals bases

In my column this week over at the Roto Times, I discuss what the Yankees are going to do after losing two-thirds of their starting outfield, as well as the surprising stolen base numbers of one Felipe Lopez:

After stealing a career-high four bases on Wednesday and one more on Thursday, Lopez has now racked up 16 steals in 17 attempts - enough to lead the majors by four. That's pretty darn impressive, and not the least bit expected considering Lopez stole just 15 in 22 attempts last year.

The question now for fantasy owners holding onto Lopez or considering making a move to acquire him is, can he keep it up? It's too early to predict that he'll continue to lead the majors, but there's reason to believe that he'll continue getting the green light, especially considering how successful he's been so far.

Manager Jerry Narron preached to Lopez the value of a high success rate early in the season, and the message stuck. On April 17, Narron was quoted in the Cincinnati Enquirer: "I talked to Felipe about running when he can make it," Narron said. "I don't want him to run. You've got Griffey and Dunn behind you; they can drive you in just as quickly from first as they can from second. "The big thing I talked to Felipe about is to steal 15 bases and get thrown out once or twice, instead of stealing 20 and getting thrown out 12."

Right about now, Narron look's like a prophet, though even he would likely tell you he was thinking something along the lines of 15 steals for the season, and not 16 steals in the first five weeks.

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