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Making my predictions

I wrote my annual "predictions column" over at The Roto Times on Friday:

AL MVP: David Ortiz, Red Sox
The easy pick would be to go with Alex Rodriguez, last year's winner. But I have a hunch that this might be the year that Boston finally grows weary of Manny Ramirez when he pulls his annual "I want to be traded" hissy fit at the trade deadline. And if Man-Ram is dealt, everyone will be watching Ortiz's performance the rest of the way.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols, Cardinals
This one is easy - Pujols is clearly the premier hitter in the entire game, and one of the most consistent, as well. After finally breaking through to win his first MVP award last season, I think it'll be awfully hard to take it away from him, especially after he puts up nearly identical numbers while leading the Cardinals to yet another division title.

Read on for my Cy Young and Rookie of the Year of the year picks, and more...

2006 Predictions [Roto Times]