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Man, that didn't take long...

No one expected Nomar Garicaparra or Bobby Crosby to make it through the season unscathed, but we kind of figured they'd at least make it past opening day. Instead, Nomar was scratched from Monday's game after tweaking a muscle in his rib cage while Crosby left Monday's game after bruising (and cutting) his left index finger.

Yikes. The Dodgers don't know for sure how long Garciaparra is sidelined, but they've already made it clear that they don't want to have to start Olmedo Saenz, their best pinch-hitter, too often. Instead, James Loney, he of the spring .438 batting average, might be recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas. Loney hit .284 with 11 home runs over 500-some at-bats in Double-A last year -- mixed leagues can safely ignore him, but those playing in deep NL-only leagues may want to consider him if we don't hear any encouraging news from Garciaparra's camp soon.

As for Crosby, the A's were planning on sending him for X-rays to see if he suffered any broken bones. Marco Scutaro, worthless in all but the deepest of AL-only leagues, will likely fill in. Only time will tell if this is a day-to-day injury or a two-weeks on the shelf injury.

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