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It's official - Major League Baseball has returned!

The Indians and White Sox got together for baseball's annual sneak preview to Opening Day on Sunday night, but a rain delay that lasted nearly three hours left even diehard fans calling it a night before the final out was recorded.

Even if the game didn't end until well after midnight eastern time, the first game is still in the books, meaning we finally have real, meaningful stats to look at this morning.

If Sunday's action was any indication (and, um, it wasn't), Jim Thome will lead the AL with 162 home runs, Jermaine Dye will hit an unprecedented 1.000 and Brian Anderson will cruise to Rookie of the Year honors by batting .667 with 324 runs and 324 RBI. Who would have guessed all of that two days ago? That's why they play the games!

On a more serious note, the Indians did lose their ace C.C. Sabathia to an apparent injury to his oblique muscle in the third inning. After already trading Coco Crisp to the Red Sox this winter, this leaves the Indians dangerously close to fielding a team without any cockeyed hats.

ChiSox 10, Cleveland 4 box score [ESPN]