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Grab Howie Kendrick while you still can

The Angels called up prospect Howie Kendrick on Monday in a move that likely didn't garner nearly as much attention from fantasy owners as it should have. Although top prospect Brandon Wood got more attention last year (and rightly so -- he hit 43 home runs in Single-A last year), Kendrick is a couple of years older, has nearly as high of a ceiling and is closer to sticking for good in the big leagues.

Kendrick hit .384 over 63 games at Single-A last year, then .342 over 46 games at Double-A. He combined for 19 home runs, 89 RBI and 25 steals. He was promoted to Triple-A this spring and didn't lose his touch, hitting .386 with two homers, eight doubles, 13 RBI and three steals. He doesn't have a regular job, but Mike Scioscia indicated he'll serve as a pinch-hitter as well as DH, and he's always an option for either middle infield spot.

He's an obvious pickup in every AL-only league and certainly a worth consideration in deep mixed leagues -- even if he doesn't play a lot right now, he almost certainly will later in the year and should immediately hit for a very nice average with a touch of pop and some speed.