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Finding fantasy replacements for Derrek Lee

My weekly fantasy baseball column is up over at the Roto Times. I addressed the question currently going through the minds of Dusty Baker and fantasy baseball owners alike: how do you replace Derrek Lee?

Should Walker completely flop at first base and Mabry be pressed into regular action, the team would likely call up top prospect Felix Pie to help provide outfield depth, according to the Daily Southtown. That's not the ideal situation, though, as the Cubs would prefer Pie to continue playing everyday at Triple-A Iowa, where he's hitting .333 with one home run, 16 RBI and four steals over 60 at-bats.

The Cubs don't have many options should they want to replace Lee at first base with a minor league first baseman. Brandon Sing is the primary first baseman at Iowa, but he's hitting just .209 with one home run and four RBI through 43 at-bats, and he's not yet on the 40-man roster. And Brian Dopriak, a more highly regarded prospect down at Double-A West Tennessee, probably wouldn't be ready for the challenge even if he weren't sidelined with a broken foot.

Even if it's relatively clear who stands to gain playing time on the Cubs' roster, what is a jilted fantasy owner to do? Todd Walker is certainly an option in NL-only leagues, though he's more valuable as a second baseman. Trying to find a replacement starter in NL-only leagues will be tough, but here are some options that might be available on the free agent list: ...

What might those options be? It's not pretty: read the whole column for my explanations, but fantasy owners in NL-only leagues will likely be stuck choosing among the likes of Julio Franco, Jose Hernandez, Pete Orr and Jeff Cirillo. Luckily, owners in mixed leagues have a few more options, such as Xavier Nady, Kevin Youkilis, Vinny Castilla and others.

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