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Breakout alert: Alexis Rios

I'm already on the record saying it once, but I want to say it again: this is the year Alexis Rios breaks out. He hit his fifth home run of the year on Tuesday -- that's already half of his tally from last year. He added a double and four RBI for good measure, and is now hitting .395 with 14 runs batted in.

One potential red flag: he has just one walk in his first 11 games. But with just five strikeouts in 38 at-bats, it's not like he's not being selective -- he's just mashing everything he gets wood on.

At 6-5, 194, Rios has all the physical ability in the world, but he hasn't generated much power before this year because of a swing that's produced almost twice as many groundball outs his first two years. After showing some improvement in that regard last year, he's become a flat-out extreme flyball hitter (0.79 GB/FB). How long will it last? Who knows, but you have to hope that he won't change what's been working for him so far. If you were lucky enough to draft him, don't move him now thinking you're "selling high," as this should be the breakout year we've been waiting for.