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Rangers turn to D'Angelo Jimenez with Ian Kinsler out

With rookie second baseman Ian Kinsler sidelined indefinitely with a dislocated thumb, the Rangers will turn to D'Angelo Jimenez to step into the starting lineup, at least until Mark DeRosa (who's battling an ankle injury) gets healthy.

Jimenez isn't much of a fantasy player, but he might have some value in AL-only leagues, especially if this turns out to be one of those years he hits .250-.270 instead of .229 like he did last year. He does a good job drawing walks, and in that lineup that could translate into a decent amount of runs. Jimenez has no job security with DeRosa looming in the background, but not many guys picked up on the waiver wire do.

As for Kinsler, the injury disrupts what was a fine start: he had 10 hits in his first 21 at-bats, with two doubles and a home run. He didn't appear to have any ligament damage, so the Rangers are hoping he could return in 2-3 weeks, but he's almost certainly headed to the disabled list.

Kinsler suffers dislocated left thumb []