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Baseball Roundup

Second base appears settled by default in Florida

The battle between Dan Uggla and Pokey Reese for the starting second base job in Florida may have just resolved itself: Reese left the team without any explanation, simply failing to show up on Thursday. His agent told the team that he is "safe," but the Miami Herald cites sources which indicate that the veteran is unlikely to return.

Uggla has never played above Double-A, but the Rule 5 pick hit .297 with 21 home runs, 87 RBI and 15 steals last year and could be a very solid all-around player. There really aren't any other serious options in camp for the job.

Gathright on the move?

Thinking of picking up Joey Gathright in your AL-only draft? Well, be careful if your league doesn't allow you to keep him should he be traded to the NL. The St. Petersburg Times reports that the Marlins have a scout watching him the speedy outfielder "with the idea of a late spring trade for a young pitcher." Gathright would give the Marlins the leadoff hitter and center fielder they lost when Juan Pierre was traded to the Cubs.  

The Rays certainly can afford to deal an outfielder, even if Aubrey Huff is able to make the transition to third base. In addition to starters Rocco Baldelli and Carl Crawford, they have Damon Hollins waiting on the bench, Delmon Young ready to make the jump from the minors and Jonny Gomes available to leave the DH spot and play one of the corners.

What will the Yankees rotation look like?

Can Jaret Wright crack the Yankees rotation? It doesn't look likely, not with Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang and Shawn Chacon healthy and Carl Pavano expected to return from back and shoulder woes in mid-April. The New York Times reports that Joe Torre is confident Wright can help the team as a reliever.

Nationals need an outfielder?

Don't be surprised if the Nationals make a trade for an outfielder, as Jose Guillen's left wrist could end up being problematic. Doctors have recommended rehabilitation over surgery for now, but if he does go under the knife, he'll be sidelined for three months.

With Alfonso Soriano adament in his refusal to play left field, the Nationals were already looking a little short in the outfield, even if Guillen is ready for the start of the season.