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Are the Lions interested in Drew Brees?

Could Drew Brees end up in Detroit? That's the scuttlebutt put forth by Detroit sports reporter and radio personality Tom Kowalski on his blog:

There's no question a failure to extend the CBA is at the root of the Lions' interest in San Diego's Drew Brees. The Lions are in good position and some of the teams that would be bidding on Brees don't have any money.

The real issue, I think, is whether Brees wants to come to Detroit. Assuming money isn't an issue, it's pretty clear that Millen is a huge Harrington supporter and Brees isn't likely to accept a backup job.

However, if Brees gets assurances from the coaching staff that it'll be a fair competition, I would assume Brees believes he could beat out Harrington -- and not only would he have some significant talent around him, but he'd have Martz, too.

Rod Marinelli and Mike Martz have backed Joey Harrington so far, but Kowalski points out that Harrington's $4 million roster bonus isn't due until June 15, which means the Lions have plenty of time to evaluate free agents and their draft results before making a final decision. Either way, I still think the starting QB in Detroit this year -- no matter who it is -- could be a high-upside fantasy reserve. Brees is now an established quarterback, but the fact that he's coming off a serious shoulder injury could depress his value -- both on the free agent market and at your fantasy draft.

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