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We have a winner!

Congrats to brian39, whose suggestion "I'm Bill James, bitch!" won the inaugural Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Team Name Contest by collecting 39% of the vote.

"Jeters Never Prosper" took second place with 28%, and "Trailer Park Chan Hos" took third with 18%. "VORP Sense of Humor" (8%) and "Shriveled Barrys" (5%) brought up the rear in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Finalists: expect an email shortly with a request for mailing info for your prizes. . . assuming you want them. Either way, let me know.

As I said before, the top three finishers are receiving a copy of the 2006 Roto Times Guide to Winning Fantasy Baseball, while the last two finishers are receiving a copy of the 2005 magazine.

I promised a secret grand prize, too, so here it is: a well-worn copy of the 1998 STATS, Inc. Minor League Scouting Notebook! It's a classic, authored by SBNation's own John Sickels (who has absolutely nothing to do with this contest and has no clue eight-year-old copies of his book are being used as prizes).

Hindsight is 20/20, but this book is full of plenty of hits (Todd Helton is on the cover...) and misses (... and so is Ben Grieve). It won't help you win your fantasy league, but it's fun to thumb through and re-live the old days.

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