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This time it's for real: Mike Martz takes over Detroit's offense

Okay, this is the third post I've written about this (see the previous two), but it looks like it's finally official: Mike Martz really is coming to Detroit.

From's Adam Schefter:

While head coach Rod Marinelli can rebuild Detroit's defense, Martz can do the same for the offense. There might not be another coach in the game with the offensive coaching instincts of Martz, and now, with the high picks the Lions have assembled on offense, he is going to have the ultimate chance to prove it.

Martz is an offensive wizard, exactly what the Lions need to help revive their team, as well as the hopes in the franchise. Martz also will work closely with the Lions quarterbacks -- and that, ultimately, is where his success will be judged.

The Lions still are unsure whether Joey Harrington is the long-term answer. But the team also recognizes that there are no readily available candidates that would seem to be any better than Harrington.

Chances are, Martz will try to revive Harrington's career while strengthening his bid for another head-coaching job.  

Schefter is right -- Martz's track record as an offensive guru speaks for itself. Not counting last year, in which he missed 11 games with a heart condition, the Rams finished in the top three in the league for points scored three times in five years. In terms of passing yards, the Rams have never been outside of the top five.

It remains to be seen if the Lions will enter the year with Joey Harrington at QB. Rod Marinelli recently indicated that he had no plans to even talk to the QB until he hired an offensive coordinator, so you have to imagine Martz will have the final call on whether the team keeps Harrington or pushes the team to draft a youngster and sign a veteran (which may still happen either way). But if Harrington stays and Martz works his magic, don't be surprised if Harrington suddenly starts to develop in leaps and bounds, much the way Drew Brees emerged in 2004.

No matter what happens, Martz's presence can only help young stars-in-waiting Roy Williams and Kevin Jones, and it may go a long way in determining if guys like Charles Rogers and Mike Williams ever reach their perceived potential. If everything clicks, Detroit could be a fantasy goldmine, as preposterous as that may sound.

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