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Jeff DaVanon signs with the D'Backs

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"Why, why why?!" That's what fantasy owners in keeper leagues around the country are asking right now. DaVanon is a solid backup outfielder for any team, but the Diamondbacks have two of the most exciting outfield prospects in the game in Carlos Quentin and Chris Young. I understand the D'Backs want to guard against injury, but the best thing for the future of their franchise would be kids like Quentin and Young getting a chance at extended action, not hide them behind the likes of 29-year-old Eric Byrnes and 32-year-old DaVanon.

"But doesn't DaVanon have a bit of pop?" you ask. No, no he doesn't. You might be thinking of how he hit 12 home runs in 330 at-bats in 2003, but he's managed all of nine the past two years combined, as his SLG dropped from .445 to .418 to .311. Granted, if Byrnes, Luis Gonzalez or Shawn Green go down with injury, Quentin will likely see regular big-league action before DaVanon does, but his presence certainly doesn't do any help for youngsters like Luis Terrero and Scott Hairston, who still may develop into quality reserves, if not a starter down the road.

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