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Super Bowl receiver rumors

With Super Bowl XL in the books, it's time to start thinking about NFL free agents. Here's a couple of interesting tidbits regarding Super Bowl wide receivers to get things started. . .

The Hartford Courant thinks the Patriots are interested in Joe Jurevicius:

The Patriots are apparently interested in talking to Seahawks receiver Joe Jurevicius, who like NFL MVP Shaun Alexander and Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson, are now free agents. Jurevicius signed a one-year deal with Seattle before the season and became a critical cog after injuries to starting receivers Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram earlier this season. Jurevicius, who played in his third Super Bowl with three different teams [Giants, Bucs and Seahawks] in just his eighth year, had 10 touchdown catches this season.

Sure, he scored 10 touchdowns, but he's 31 years old and has never tallied 700 yards in a season (694 this season was his career-high). On the other hand, he did play in every single game this year after getting in just 15 in 2003 and 2004. On a team like the Pats, he'd be a third receiver on a team that hasn't had a single 1,000-yard receiver since 2001.

According to multiple reports (including the Detroit News, the Bears official site and the Chicago Tribune), the Bears are expected to make a strong push for Antwaan Randle El. Randle El grew up near Chicago and still has family there, but the Trib thinks that he may prove to be too expensive:

Pittsburgh's Antwaan Randle El could be pricing himself out of the Bears' plans, but Detroit's Eddie Drummond also is a returner/receiver who could come cheaper.

Maybe it's the result of seeing him play in person in college, but I still think Randle El could eventually develop into a dynamite reliever. With small receivers like Steve Smith and Santana Moss breaking the mold with surprising success this past season, Randle El's ability to make big plays in the open field could make him a huge sleeper in 2006 if he ends up in the right offense. Unfortunately, I don't think the Bears or Steelers fit the bill.

Update [2006-2-6 21:51:42 by Watson]: Just for fun, you might want to check out Behind the Steel Curtain, an SBNation newcomer covering, you guessed it, the Steelers. After watching Randel El hook up with Hines Ward on that nifty gadget play, they have an interesting poll going: Could Randle El be an above average or better QB in the NFL?