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Andy Pettitte believes Roger Clemens will return

This is already a few days old, but it's a storyline worth following: Andy Pettitte told the New York Daily News that he believes Roger Clemens will return in 2006:

"That dude throws year round. He's an animal," said Pettitte. ... "When Roger's ready to talk about (his future), he'll talk about that. But I know one thing - he's trying to get himself ready to play in a world cup game."

And beyond that? "Knowing him," said Pettitte, "I'd be surprised if he didn't (come back)."

If you remember, Clemens indicated that one of the main reasons he opted to sign with the Astros in 2004 instead of retiring after his last season in New York was the chance to play with Pettitte one more season, so Pettitte probably knows what he's talking about.

But which team would Clemens play for? Pettitte couldn't say whether it would be the Astros or the Yankees -- Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada have  reportedly been recruiting Clemens to come back for one more year. Check out Pinstripe Alley for a New York perspective on the Rocket's possible return.

From a fantasy perspective, there's no doubt that Clemens is still an elite pitcher, but a return to the American League would likely mean a return to a 3.25+ ERA. He's still be worth considering because of his strikeouts and wins, but he wouldn't be nearly the same option as he would be in the National League, where he'd face the likes of Kip Wells and Greg Maddux in the nine-hole instead of a DH like David Ortiz or Travis Hafner.