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Creating auction values for your fantasy baseball draft

I'm back in town and pleasantly surprised at all of the great suggestions in my fantasy baseball team name contest. Give me a day to sort through these and then I'll put some finalists up for a poll.

In the meantime...

As I've said before, I frequently check out Rotisserie Baseball Musings (the blog maintained by frequent FakeTeams commenter Rotomusing) and it was through that site that I first noticed this recent article on The Sporting News by long-time fantasy guru John Benson: Dollar values and what to think of them.

It's a good read for those industrious fantasy owners that want to take preparing for their fantasy auction to the next step by creating their own fantasy values. Personally, I've never created my own values per se, but that's just because in the past I've always been somewhat involved in helping out with the projections (from which dollar values are subsequently calculated) at the Roto Times. But at the very least, it's a good reference for those serpentine-draft veterans curious about what exactly entails a $30 player.

Also, quick note on this year's Roto Times projections: the free custom dollar value and fantasy point projection tools are being integrated into their Draft Kit on March 7, though the sortable projections as a whole will remain all year, just like as always. So if you were thinking about using them, do that this week or be prepared to pony up $14.95.