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Fantasy baseball team name contest!

Update [2008-2-6 15:13:8 by Eric Hz]: Visit Fake Teams for the upcoming 3rd annual Best Fantasy Baseball Teams Contest.

I'm headed out of town for the weekend and will regrettably have no internet access. But I wanted to leave you guy with a little something to think about...

As I've mentioned time and again, I also write for the Roto Times, and as such I've come across a handful of issues to our Roto Times Guide to Winning Fantasy Baseball magazine. You can find it at bookstores, hobby shops and grocery stores across the country, but if you want to avoid plopping down $6.99 of your dough and get it for free, I have a contest for you.

One of the first things that fantasy owners do each and every year is come up with a good team name. Personally, I try every year to find something witty or snarky, but all too often my attempts at humor falls flat. So I'm turning to you guys -- tell me the best fantasy baseball team names that you've heard or you've come up with, and of those I'll choose my top five favorites as finalists for a poll to run next week.

As a reward, I'll send the top three finishers in the poll a free copy of the magazine. And as a consolation prize, I'll send the last two finishers a copy of last year's magazine. (Yeah, I know it's practically worthless, but it is a consolation prize, after all. Besides, there are still some pretty good strategy articles and whatnot in there.)

If there are a whole lot of responses, I'll poke around for another prize or two to send the winner -- nothing big, mind you, but something baseball related.

So, let's hear what you got in the comments!